Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100 Followers -- 100 Reasons to Hate

In recognition of my first hundred followers, I'm listing the top 100 things I'm butthurt about. Ready? Here we go:

100. The Pittsburgh Steelers
99. Smoothies
98. Excessively long lists
97. Every Weezer album since Pinkerton
95. The Black Eyed Peas
94. U.S. Soccer
93. Dave Matthews got sober
92. Amy Winehouse got drunk(er)
91. No Star Wars on Blu-ray
90. Han shooting second
89. The prequel trilogy
88. The Pirates sequels
87. The Matrix sequels
86. Spider-Man 3
85. X-Men 3
84. Iron Man 2
83. The ending of Lost
82. The ending of Seinfeld
81. The ending of The Sopranos
80. The ending of The Dark Tower Series
79. Call of Duty: Lag Ops
78. The GM EV-1
77. The New York Yankees
76. The DMV
75. Restless leg syndrome
74. Gonorrhea...thanks, Rachel
73. Admitting I have Gonorrhea
72. Anal bleeding
71. Male pattern baldness
70. Female pattern baldness
69. Brazilian waxing
68. Psoriasis
67. Cirrhosis of the liver
66. Auditory hallucinations
65. Electro-convulsive therapy
64. McDonald's!
63. Thomas Edison
62. The Magnificent Ambersons
61. Uwe Boll
60. Katy Perry
59. Taylor Swift
58. Greyhound buses
57. This idea
56. Pablo Picasso
55. l33t sp34k
54. Texting
53. Sexting
52. Premature Ejexting
51. Gene Hackman quit movies
50. Welcome To Mooseport
49. Wal-Mart
48. Chinese Democracy
47. Brian Wilson
46. The Monkees
45. Kings got canceled
44. Deadwood got canceled
43. Pushing Daisies got canceled
42. Arrested Development got canceled
41. The Office jumped the shark
40. Cowboy Bebop ended
39. No good anime for 5+ years
38. Hating on Megan Fox
37. American Idol
36. Duke Nukem Forever
35. Pokemon 4ever
34. Pokemon period.
33. Brand Spankin' New Doug
32. Cats
31. Roaches
30. Pigeons
29. Fleas
28. Wasps
27. WASPs
26. James Patterson
25. Dan Brown
24. Dan Simmons can't write endings
23. Richard Dawkins
22. Pat Robertson
21. Glenn Beck
20. Pooping
19. Muse fans
18. People who hate Muse because of the fans
17. Radio Country
16. Facebook
15. Andy Whitfield got cancer
14. Optimus Prime died
13. Duke woke up from his coma
12. Excessively negative people
11. Glittery vampires
10. NASA faked the moon landing
9. Fossil fuels
8. Hybrid cars
7.Jeff Magnum quit music
6.Bill Watterson quit comics
5. No smoking in bars
4. Kurt Vonnegut died
3. Natalie Portman got pregnant and engaged
2. 3-D movies
1. I only have 100 followers

If you think I just shot my wad for this whole blog, don't worry, I'll have a hundred more by this time tomorrow. No shortage of rage here.


  1. Why are you butthurt about cats? :(

  2. dude, i only have 4 followers, I need more.

  3. >Reads
    >See's "Gene Hackman quit movies"


    Optimus Prime did in fact die, BUT HE CAME BACK AND WILL ALWAYS COME BACK YOU HEAR THAT?!!!

    Also, LOL@You having Gonorrhea. That... Has to suck so bad... Let's hope you got it treated ASAP.

  4. congrats on 100 followers man. Keep it up!

  5. Also. Don't be hating on Duke Nukem forever!!!

  6. Man, I'm a Muse fan, but ever since Twilight I've been pretty ashamed :/

    Also, when the hell did Gene Hackman quit movies?

  7. Pretty much all of this I understand apart from MMORPGs...
    Also congrats on the first 100 :)

  8. 63. Thomas Edison

    I hear that. Edison is a dick.

  9. Why does that seem like a list I would do....

  10. Congrats man. My butt ached with some of your posts. You are definitely in my own list, bro.

  11. I just did a post about how laggy black ops is :O

  12. taylor swift is a gem

  13. I'm with you on a lot of these. the rest I just don't care about. Congrates on 100 followers. Send some my way PLEASE.

  14. "Bill Watterson quit comics," that's the one I'm most butthurt about.

  15. I can feel the anger growing inside you.

  16. Number 5 is the worst on the list D:

  17. grats on the 100, i can agree with about 60 of those lol

  18. nice blog!!

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  19. you may hate 100 things, but I like the blog... Its pretty good.

  20. 98. same here that's why i'm so butthurt at you right now! Also 61 >_>

  21. One of the most funny and full of hate post i ever seen...hahah nice man

  22. I agree. My rage is undying at number 5.